User terms and conditions

1. General

a) All disputes will be settled under Indian laws.
b) All correspondence/payment will be through Indian post or a courier agency as per Vubites discretion.
c) Vubites will make reasonable efforts to make the site available around the clock and on all prevailing popular system configurations but cannot guarantee the same.
d) While Vubites will take all precautions; it will not be held responsible if the site is subject to attack and the user is affected.
e) Vubites will not be liable to for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind whatsoever and howsoever caused from usage of the site.
f) The Agency/advertiser will protect all passwords to the service and take full responsibility for the Agency/advertiser own or third party use of the accounts.
g) Proprietary rights - The User or their company acknowledges that Vubites solely owns all rights, titles and interests existing under patent law, copyright law etc. The user or their company will not acquire any of the above but is just a user of the service. The user will not try to modify adapt ,translate ,prepare derivative work from ,decompile ,reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise create a substitute or similar services product through use or access to the program or proprietary information
h) Confidentiality - Advertiser agrees not to disclose any of the following information without Vubites prior written consent -
a. All Vubites software, technology, programming, specifications, materials, guidelines and documents related to the program.
b. All Media related estimates and data.
c. Any other information which is marked as confidential or which by the nature of its content can be considered as Confidential should be treated as such even if not specifically mentioned.
i) Indemnifications - Agency/Advertiser will indemnify and defend Vubites, its partners, agents, affiliates and licensors from any third party claim or liabilities arising out of the use of the Vubites service.
j) Notice to the Agency/ Advertiser will be sent via alerts on the Vubites service or email alerts and is considered reached if mailed or posted for no more than 15 days.

2. Ad Creation

a. The created or uploaded ad, stills videos or music have to comply with specifications as defined by Vubites, broadcaster or the governing body or else the ad may not be accepted or maybe taken off air.
i. For example if the upload content is Obscene, derogatory, illegal ,hurts people's sentiments, not fit for public consumption violates copyright laws or without requisite permissions .
ii. As per standards prescribed by ASCII, broadcasters and other relevant governing bodies. User might need to provide additional documentation. Vubites can block an ad if the documentation is not complete.
b. For ads uploaded Vubites can make technical changes (Example - adjust bit rate. Ad duration, file format, sound levels, colour levels, aspect ratios, size etc), this may be necessary for broadcast or other requirements.
c. The rights of all material (ads, Music, clips etc) uploaded rests with the User, however unless authorised the user cannot download ads from the Vubites service.
d. Any content (music, video or images) sourced from Vubites cannot be copied, screen shots taken or downloaded in any form and used elsewhere without prior permission.
e. Vubites will permanently keep all data uploaded even after the user has deleted the same from their account. Also Vubites is not obligated to restore any data that the user has deleted.

3. Media (Campaign creation,editing,booking and cancellation)

1. Within reasonable limits Vubites can make certain changes to the campaign schedule due to unavoidable circumstances.
a. Once a campaign has been booked, the user needs to send a properly signed hard copy of the Release order before the specified deadline to action the activity.
b. Vubites reserves the right to hold a campaign until a signed hard copy of the release order has been received.
2. Inventory will be subject to availability, Vubites cannot be held responsible for non availability of inventory.
a. Rates of a program/daypart can change at any time without prior notice up to booking. User will be notified once they refresh their campaign. Prices cannot be renegotiated after booking.
3. Any campaign/channel/ locality can be blocked basis the judgement of Vubites, broadcaster, the MSO or any relevant governing body. The user will be notified of the same as soon as possible.
4. User account will not be activated till the billing details have been verified.
5. In case of users who do not have credit, activity will begin once payment has been realised.
6. Vubites reserves the rights to change all campaign related dates like the earliest cancellation date etc.
7. The User will be required to provide all necessary requirements to air the campaign (assign ads, schedule spots) within specified deadlines; the deadlines can change over time.
8. Vubites and the broadcaster have the sole rights to schedule the ads as per their availability in a particular slot.
9. The coverage of HHLD's in any city/locality at any point of time will depend on the number of cable headends that Vubites has access to. The User will be informed of any changes in the existing coverage as soon as possible.
a. The city /locality can in certain cases exceed/be smaller than the Municipal/UA definition of the city/locality.
10. Vubites will not be responsible for delays occurring out of incorrect/incomplete payment details.
11. The user cannot hold Vubites responsible for the performance of the campaign.
12. Any use of the Media data available on Vubites beyond the buying of media on the Vubites platform is prohibited. 13. Vubites reserves the right to block, delete, suspend or prevent a user from signing up to the Vubites service. a. Vubites also reserves the right to decide the services available to each user.
14. The user acknowledges that all estimated impressions/reach associated with the campaign are estimates only and that there will be variances between the actual and estimated impressions /reach.